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"Dr. Sam"

Physician & Healthcare Technology Pioneer

Professional Musician & Entertainer

Award-Winning Author, Songwriter

& The Industry's Most Unique Featured Speaker

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Dr. Sam’s Message


Are you retired and wondering how to spend your time?
Are you a professional person who is burned out or disillusioned?
Are you looking for more in life?

Well - you have LOTS of company.

Sam Bierstock has never stopped pursuing new adventures. He is a physician and an eye surgeon who became a pioneer of technology in the early years of electronic health records. He is an electrical engineer. He is an award-wining songwriter, a professional musician, and he has toured the U.S. since 1995 with his band and as an entertainer and featured speaker. Thousands of CDs of his musical works - including both satirical parody and a heartfelt patriotic tribute to our veterans have been sold around the world. He wrote the award-winning hit song “Before You Go” in tribute to our aging veterans of WWII and Korea, which has reached many millions of our veterans and their families, for which Dr. Sam was awarded the George Washington Medal from the Freedom Foundation. He is a professional ski instructor, a pilot of powered and fixed-wing glider aircraft, a scuba diver, a motorcycle enthusiast, a horseman, is certified by the American Sailing Association, and he is a builder of custom guitars.

His message is simple: “If someone else can do it, there is a good chance that you can do it too. Give it a shot!”

As one of the industry's most unique speakers, equally capable of discussing leading edge technologies, life in the entertainment world and even providing some great foot-tapping music,  Dr. Sam's delightfully humorous and motivational presentation describes his enormously successful careers in entirely diverse industries.

There isn't much out there like it.

So, if you are sitting around wondering what to do, or unsure of how you will spend your time when you retire, or are unhappy with your job or professional life, you need to hear Dr. Sam’s unique featured speaker message. 

It may just change your life.

– and you’ll enjoy his new book “Full Circle." (see details below)

5 out of 5 "Recommended Read" score on posted 6/18/2024

Books, Products & Services

Dr. Sam’s Latest Book

Available in Paperback, Ebook and Audiobook formats

Loosely built around Dr. Sam’s experiences in his successful career in music, this 5 Star novel is a heartwarming and hilarious story about finding excitement and rejuvenation late in life, and the wonderful impact that that process has in enriching the lives of others. A down-on-his-luck, 74-year-old Vietnam Veteran with PTSD who had almost attained fame as a young guitarist is involuntarily placed in a retirement home by his estranged son. A sudden brainstorm to build unique, beautiful and great sounding guitars out of the most unlikely of supplies motivates him to pull his band of colorful characters back together after 50 years and launches a fun-filled and hilarious journey of renewal of zest for life and love for each other. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry - and you’ll never look at older people, or listen to music the same way again.


Dr. Sam & His Band

Enjoy lots of videos from Dr. Sam’s parody and satirical performances on his national tours with his band, song clips from his CDs, and a full media pack featuring nationally televised and print media features.

Visit for videos and information on Dr. Sam’s band and recordings

Award-Winning Tribute Song To Our Aging Veterans

Estimated to have been played more than 20 million times around the world, “Before You Go” is a tribute and thanks to our aging and departed veterans who saved our freedoms and our way of life, and has become an anthem for those who fought for us in WWII.

Click here to experience this wonderful tribute.

Featured Speaker

For one of the most unique featured speaker experiences your organization is likely to ever have, contact us at


"Dr Sam’s wonderful presentation about his many fascinating careers was reviewed as one of the best ever given to our organization. The audience was spellbound. He is also a brilliant song writer with a special place in his heart for our veterans. His song “Before You Go” in tribute and thanks to them has gone world-wide and moved the audience to tears. His recent book  “Full Circle” is a marvelous and heartwarming story based upon his experiences in his multifaceted careers and very much worth the read."

-  Marshall Isaacson

"Dr. Sam captivated our audience. His musical parodies and performances were a tour de force. But it was the insight into the underlying man that was the most captivating. It was an opportunity to get to know Dr. Sam and his multitude of successful careers, in addition to his lifelong advocacy for Medical Care System reform and as a patriot who uses his performances to advance his causes. "

- Harvey Carmel

Click here for many more testimonials.

Politically Correct Fairy (in the Mythical Little Magic Person Sense) Tales and Conservative Rebuttal Tales

A delightful and Satirical depiction of classic fairy tales in the age of political correctness.

Unsung No More

Thousands of emails from received from grateful veterans of WWII and the Korean War during the first year alone in response to “Before You Go.”

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