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 5 out of 5 "Recommended Read" score on posted 6/18/2024

“I love, love, love this book!” – A. A., Toronto, Ont.

“I didn’t want it to end” – A. H.  Delray Beach, FL

Just finished the book. Loved it. Also loved your tributes at the end. T. D., L.A., CA

Best book I have read in years! I couldn’t put it down. The characters wormed their way into my heart and I couldn’t wait to devour every chapter. This book would be a great gift for any occasion because all ages can relate to it. This is an inspiring, uplifting story that may change your perspective on how you can follow your dreams at any age.- G. O.

LOVED IT.....Every word and couldn't put it in two nights....loved everything about this book.
I was happy, laughing, cried, felt warm and has you running through the gamut of emotions; but mostly it had me smiling....a lot!  I'm certain whoever reads this wonderfully written book will love it also. This book is a treasure! It is so special, and I have adored reading every word…… I am a slow reader, but I couldn’t put it down. I’ve just finished at this moment. What a joy. I am going to share this with many many, many people.  Thank you for allowing me this very special gift. With endless appreciation. Can't wait to share it with family and friends cause whether you are male or female, this book will warm your soul. ENJOY!!!! This one’s for you! With much happiness, V. S., Boca Raton

Join author Sam Bierstock on a sidesplitting and heartwarming journey with four septuagenarian musicians as they navigate life's ups and downs. This captivating tale masterfully balances humor with a poignant exploration of PTSD and the often-overlooked experiences of nursing home residents. Through fiction, Bierstock sheds light on the untold stories and valuable lessons that can be learned from every life. "Full Circle" is a moving and enlightening read that will resonate with anyone who has a pulse, leaving a lasting impact long after the final page is turned. - M. (online book club review)

Bierstock’s “Full Circle” is a brilliantly written tale of redemption and the indomitable human spirit. It's a story that will make you laugh, cry, and appreciate the power of art in the face of adversity. A must-read for anyone seeking a book that combines humor and sorrow in a way that leaves an indelible mark on the heart. Kudos to the author. - D. T., Toronto, Ont.

“Comedy, music, musician onstage communications, nostalgia, family dynamics, struggling with PTSD and giving our elderly the respect that they deserve. All delivered with great humor and story-telling. Highly recommended, J. Z., MD, West Palm Beach, FL

5 stars: Great book. Easy read. Heartwarming. I loved the book so much that I bought 5 copies to distribute to my family as a Christmas stocking stuffer R. C., Boca Raton

I just finished your book.  To say it was absolutely wonderful would be an understatement. And, how expertly written it is. The various scenes you described were heartwarming and heart wrenching. I recommend the book for everyone – R. F., Boston, MA

Lovable characters, funny, enlightening, poignant, inventive, inspirational…and did I mention ‘funny’?!
"Full Circle" reminds us never to stop living our best lives as we age, to always be curious and considerate, and that music makes the world go round!
Yeah, I enjoyed this book. 🙂 Highly recommend .... - JS&C (online book club review)

It’s a multi-faceted read, bringing to the forefront issues such as war, disrespect for our veterans, the alienation of our elderly by our society and the healing ability of music. It should be considered a teaching manual of how we should live life….our obligations as humans to one another and the joy of music – J. C., Highland Beach, FL

This was a most enjoyable read that, at times, left me LOL!! The book is probably most enjoyed by a Baby Boomer audience, but there are plenty of us still around! Numerous more specific positives, including but not limited to --- all of the historical references (the Civil Rights march on Selma, the story of the Holocaust survivor, and the description of Juan --- Roxy’s disabled son……..); the parody titles and selected parody lyrics from “back in the day”--- terrific!!; weaving in various tidbits of geriatric medicine; the banter between the band members (as well as between Mick and Roxy) as well as descriptions of how tight and highly coordinated band members communicate with each other while playing; the sad (and very real) state of many of the residents at the nursing home, etc. etc. Very highly recommended!!! – G F. ,North Berwick, MA

I read your book on the plane back from the HLTH conference. Very cleverly written. Having experienced your smile, sense of humor, and musical abilities firsthand, it felt like I was peering into some of your most private moments and I thank you for that. Wonderful read. All the best! – K.S.

Just finished your wonderful    book & am really impressed I laughed & cried - all in the appropriate places of course- The story line is very powerful and the characters were very recognizable    - S. L., Detroit, MI

An absolute delightful story. Characters come alive. Didn't want it to end. Maybe a sequel! – R. D. Florida / Manhattan

Dr. Sam has written a great book. Charming, utterly hilarious in spots and uplifting - a delightful and uplifting tale about a group of septuagenarians who rather than succumb to the vagaries of life’s final chapter, they get the blues band back together and revisit the triumphs of their youth.  At times touching and at times rip roaringly hilarious this is a fun read that races on by. Thanks Dr. Sam – P. M., MD

I thoroughly enjoyed it and I recommend it highly! - O. L

Every reader of Full Circle can relate to this heartwarming cleverly crafted story about rediscovering and reclaiming talents, interests, and abilities that have been put on the shelf gathering dust. Sam shows through his characters that they each have a fascinating history that doesn’t show on their surface. He demonstrates the importance of becoming interested in someone, asking questions and listening to who they are and never making assumptions based on their appearance. Full Circle has made me a better listener. And by becoming quiet and listening, I just might learn something about others including myself. – K. F., Florida

This book by Sam Bierstock is compelling, tender, and all the complexities of life. Think love, lust, loyalty, ego, and failure and success. It’s a quick read that will certainly have you thinking about your own circle. Read it! B. W., MD. Wakefield, RI

To understand the title of this review you have to read the book, Full Circle, by Sam Bierstock. It's a compelling story, told with sensitivity and laugh out loud humor. Follow Mick and his musician friends as they resurrect the rock band of their youth and in the process delve into themes such as love, loss, loyalty, aging, even failure and success. This is the story of Mick's completing the Circle of Life. It should be a roadmap for your own journey. Enjoy! – B.W.

I loved this book. It highlighted many areas of life's ups and downs through rock musicians. J. G., DVD, Delray Beach, FL

Full Circle is an entertaining weave of the challenges of retirement and family, the comfort of music and friends, and a salvation by creativity and humor. A funny and soul seeking story. Great character development. Could make a good movie. D. B., Kingston, NY

Just finished your new book and congrats on a successful foray into literary annals. I enjoyed it and it would not let me put it down. It started off a little like a Reader’s Digest story which most are designed in clever but predictable ways but then the story quickly evolved into an attention grabbing read. It wasn’t mysterious and it didn’t try to trap you into surprises and the story didn’t allow one to predict and anticipate the story line. Well done for an aspiring novelist whose talents are far reaching and indicative of a Renaissance man type persona- physician, engineer, ski pro, accomplished equestrian, song writer, 2 instrument virtuoso, accomplished pilot and sailor. How have you lived so long and not being worn out by now? – R. B., Boca Raton

I just finished your book and it was great! I can only hope it gets turned into a movie.  Maybe you can get Keith Richards and Mick Jagger to star.  They're about the right age. I also enjoyed reading the Acknowledgement section which is essentially your musical autobiography.  I have to admit that I didn't realize how busy you had been with that part of your life. – G. G. MD, Orchard Lake, MI

I finished your book and did thoroughly enjoy it. As I read the book, I constantly related it to your life, but the Acknowledgements, Explanations & Confessions told me a lot more about things of which I was not aware. I thought the tribute to your mom was terrific. I wish you tons of success and good luck on a movie! – J. G., New Hamburg, Ontario

Full Circle is not an ordinary book, it has layers of heartfelt messages along the way. It is funny, full of meaning with many twists and turns.
The outro was one of my favorite chapters as it incorporates the message of it never being too late to keep living life to the fullest and shares how each character took a chance on an adventure and their lives were all impacted and changed for the better.
Love this book, it really should be a movie! C.W., Florida

This was truly an enjoyable read - entertaining, funny, unique. And there is a bonus at the end - a full insight into the author's background that lead to his writing the novel. I haven't really seen this type of detailed acknowledgment in a book before. It explains what the author is all about and indicates that, although a novel of fiction, there is a real substance in the story! It's a quick and easy read that I enjoyed from beginning to end. True bedpan (or deadpan?) humour.  Jaffi, Ontario, Canada

Excellent book. Hard to put down. I couldn’t wait to find out what was happening next. Well written – R. R., Miami

Being in retirement age as some of the book's characters, I found the book "Full Circle" very relevant with ideas we can all relate to, young and old. The story is fun and well written and carries a strong positive outlook. In addition to the story itself, I enjoyed the inspiring messages and ideas imbedded in the story. - Y. R., Boca Raton, FL

What a great read! The author weaves a wonderful tale. – Bernie

What a wonderful story covering so many areas of life. Recommend very highly
Will be a great gift for the family during the holidays. -  S.M.

This book is an easy and fun read. It makes you laugh and makes you cry. So worth the read – R. C., FL

This story is an American classic expressed with refreshing creativity. You won’t put it down. The endearing characters will guide you through a spectrum of human emotions that will leave you feeling truly inspired. Highly recommended! – Linda, Las Vegas, NV

I had a great time reading this book it brought back my time with my friends making some great noise together.Life is a full circle if you let go and enjoy the ride. Thanks, Doc, for writing this book and keeping the music alive may the circle never be unbroken because music unites humanity. Keep on making music – Salvatore

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The main characters are multi-dimensional and hard to forget. I could relate to re-entering the world of music as I have also upon retirement returned to my real passion - music. It's a refreshing book to read and a great reminder that it is never too late to follow your dreams! – B. S., CA

A very well written book and incredible story! – M. L., Birmingham, AL

“If you think of the older generation of folks as people who have nothing to contribute to our lives, think again.  Both the author and his characters have reinvented themselves.  An uplifting read with some tears along the way.”  - J. G., Toronto, Ont.

A beautiful story full of heart! The characters will stay with you long after you put the book down. Easily readable. Covers so many relevant issues; most importantly, the detrimental mistakes we make in dismissing our aging population. It's a story of intergenerational friendships, community and art, and essentially a love story. This would be a wonderful film.

I was anticipating this book to be more autobiographical but was so pleasantly surprised as I got into the story line. Not being an avid reader, I found myself continually picking the book up to read more. The characters merged together well as the surprising instrument that brought the characters full circle was introduced. From that point on, I could not put the book down. It was definitely not only a feel-good book for me but a startling eye opener learning that it was based on real accomplishment. – D. R.

Indeed, it goes full circle from reluctant arrival, humorous encounters, unlikely friendships, personal challenges, heartfelt moments and MUSIC! Recommended reading. Couldn’t put it down. – D. T.

A fantastic, compelling and endearing story. You will be inspired! Such a unique narration that takes us through so many aspects of the human condition. Very highly recommended! - M. G.

Full Circle is an absolutely delightful and feel-good story. Written in a way that keeps you page turning and unable to put it down, Sam Bierstock is a wonderful story teller with excellent character development and writing style. I started reading slower towards the end because I didn’t want the book to end. I’d love to see this book translated to a screenplay. Keep on writing Sam!! – C. W., Florida

If you think of the older generation of folks as people who have nothing to contribute to our lives, think again. Both the author and his characters have reinvented themselves. An uplifting read with some tears along the way. J. G.

I love this book, the plot, the characters and the connections between them. The book highlights the importance of having a sense of purpose in our lives and the significance of our older generations and what we and they lose when we make them invisible but more importantly, what we gain when we do otherwise. These themes are woven gently into a story that is just plain fun to read. I couldn’t put it down. One of the most enjoyable books I’ve read in a long time. A. R., Toronto

Wow, this is quite a story. I was engaged from the first chapter. A lot of the characters are absolutely fascinating and engaging in many ways you would not expect. The storyline was well developed, unique and quite funny without even trying. There is a lot of food for thought in these pages. Sam Bierstock creates magic with his storytelling and my only disappointment was it ended too soon. - D.B.

A delightful, Funny and Easy Read: A wonderful, easy read. Very nostalgic and relatable on many levels. Any reader will immediately be able to think of a time, place or circumstance in their life to which the story alludes. Would love to actually hear the band or attend a concert. Rock and Roll never dies. - J. Z., Florida

AMAZING BOOK! I typically do not enjoy reading, but I came across this book reluctantly via a friend's suggestion. I am so glad I did! It was such an easy and fun read! I would recommend this book for all ages and walks of life! – Rachel

A Wonderful Read: A most creative and entertaining story right out of the gate, Dr Sam’s keen writing captures one’s interest. Especially worthwhile and attractive story for all musicians and musician wannabes. Sam captures the comradery and the pure joy of music making .- D. A., Florida

This is a heartwarming story with lovable characters. Full Circle is an inspiring read that carries an important message-- that one can breathe new life into their dreams, at any age, and no matter their circumstances, with a little help from their friends. The story is laced with humor, sadness, life-change, creativity, the lasting trauma of war veterans, music, the evolution of relationships with family, friends and community members, and more! I was particularly moved by how the author chose to have one of his characters recognize the amazing lives and contributions of the now elderly and infirm residents, of the nursing home. The characters are a diverse group and each of them lovable. Sam, your writing style really brought the characters to life for me and I was able to "see the movie in my mind's eye," all the way through. Bravo! – G. B.

A very enjoyable read… good characters development and story line. One of those books when you finish you wish there were a few more chapters! – L. W., Birmingham, AL

Sam Bierstock takes us on a lovey romp through the trials and tribulations of aging, inter-generational dynamics, and reflecting on what is of value in life. Humorous, touching, and moving, but never slipping into dripping sentimentality, Full Circle reminds us of the importance of friendships and the circumstances that bind us to each other, be that in tiny or large ways. A worthy read. – K.B., Toronto

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