Samuel R. Bierstock, MD, BSEE

Champions in Healthcare, LLC

Clinician Adoption

Founder & President: CIH provides Guidance and Strategies for the Introduction and Adoption of Evolving Healthcare Technologies

  • Business Services: Start-up strategies, messaging, market analysis, sizing and planning, product analysis, competitive analysis, capitalization, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions
  • Clinical Services: Strategies and Programs for the Adoption of Evolving Technology by Clinicians

Expertise provided by healthcare clinical and business experts with years of experience and extensive contacts in the healthcare industry. CIH's physician informaticists and business experts in the healthcare vendor arena enjoy a deep understanding of clinical workflow, Thoughtflow® and adoption issues and provide leadership capabilities to insure success of emerging healthcare technologies.

CIH's mission is to bring your company from Conception or early formation to Industry Market Presence

Dr. Sam & the Managed Care Blues Band

Medical Event Entertainment
Professional Musician and Entertainer providing healthcare meeting entertainment at medical meetings in more than 40 states, with appearances on national Television, Radio as well as national media features (People Magazine, CNN, USA Today and many others). With more than 75,000 CDs sold, Dr. Sam has delighted audiences all over the country with his fun-filled satirical lyrics dealing with issues of managed healthcare and electronic medical records. and great music provided by Dr. Sam and his band of professional musicians. National Television Features for Dr. Sam & The Managed Care Blues Band
National Television Features for Dr. Sam & The Managed Care Blues Band

"Before You Go"

Tribute to WW2, Korean War and Veitnam War Veterans
Acclaimed song writer and author of "Before You Go" - a musical tribute to thank Veterans of World War Two (WWII), The Korean War and the Vietnam War - with more than 20 Million free downloads. National Television Features for "Before You Go"
National Television Features for "Before You Go"

Sam Bierstock, MD, BSEE - Speaker, Physician, Informaticist & Entertainer

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